The average bathroom renovation cost may be anywhere between ,000 to ,000, so homeowners need to understand what they can afford and are ready to spend

There are many ways to boost your bathroom’s aesthetic, function or storage potential – from simple replacements to customised options or a complete refurbishment. So, the approximate cost of a bathroom renovation is a tricky variable determined by the project type and scope.

Your choice of materials, finishes and accessories will act like a multiplier when you start looking beyond the bare essentials. Next, add designer services and installation or labour costs. Depending on your home improvement skills and the desired results, you’ll have to factor in a relevant amount of expert help.

Now that the average bathroom renovation cost formula is explained, you should keep in mind that it’s never fixed. It shouldn’t discourage you from finding creative workarounds and budget-friendly ways of giving the existing space a facelift:

  • If you’re confident enough, tackling minor repairs or paint/tiling jobs yourself is an option.
  • Mixing new and old or upcycled materials and furnishings can add lots of character to your bathroom while reducing the bathroom renovation cost.
  • Simply replacing worn-out fittings and surfaces without buying anything fancy will improve the look of your bathroom and enhance your home’s resale value.
  • Swapping vent fans and lights for better-functioning and energy-saving products is a move towards a more efficient household.
  • Colour lights are a simple refresher that saves you the hassle and expense of painting the walls a different colour.

What else goes into a bathroom renovation cost estimate?

Depending on the number of fixtures and surfaces being renovated, the cost to strip out the bathroom may set you back by more than you expect. Removal and disposal of the old sink, toilet, bathtub, flooring and cabinets/countertop may range from $100 to $650.

If you have a quirky floor plan, problematic ceilings or roof lines, or need to retrofit the room with an irregular layout, you may run into extra expenses. This means you may have to opt for custom-designed pieces with a higher price tag. But making the most of your bathroom’s existing footprint means lower bathroom renovation costs than remodels that include structural works, floor plan changes, plumbing rerouting or new electrical locations.

The incredible range of materials, smart functions, fancy finishes, tapware, recessed lights and other cool add-ons create a huge difference in price points when upgrading your bathroom. Additionally, labour costs may account for 50 to 75 per cent of the total bathroom renovation cost in NZ.

The services of certified designers may vary in price but are the best starting point and a worthy investment. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in showering chic or budget-friendly ways of arranging the space, an expert will help you map everything strategically and avoid costly mistakes.

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