Project Overview

Following the successful renovation of her main bathroom, Catherine has once again placed her trust in our co-founder, Geoffrey, and his team to carry out another bathroom renovation up to her expectations.

The project was set to redefine luxury and functionality in her home.

I am thrilled with the results of our bathroom renovation. After the great experience with Ideal Renovations during the main bathroom renovation, there was no doubt in my mind when it came to engaging them for our upstairs bathroom makeover. The team has flawlessly achieved the exact outcome I had envisioned. Geoffrey’s communication throughout the project was exceptional – always prompt, courteous, and thorough with updates. I greatly appreciate his expert advice; his suggestions were invaluable in creating the perfect look for our space.






Before The Renovation​



Catherine’s vision centered around creating a spacious and luxurious retreat that exuded grandeur. She opted for high-end fittings to elevate the ambiance. 

The team eagerly embraced the challenge of realizing Catherine’s dream bathroom.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

Our client’s vision for her much-awaited renovation was clear: she desired a bathroom with a unique ambiance, boasting premium fittings and finishes. With budget considerations taking a backseat, her primary focus was on creating a deluxe space that would be adored by her family and guests alike.

To fulfill this vision, we meticulously crafted a space exuding contemporaneity and individuality. Every aspect of the design was carefully curated to evoke a sense of warmth, opulence, and personal well-being. From the selection of high-quality materials to the installation of top-of-the-line fittings, no detail was overlooked in transforming the bathroom into a sanctuary of indulgence.

In addition to aesthetics, we prioritised spaciousness and practicality. Each element was thoughtfully positioned to optimise functionality while maintaining a sense of openness and ease of movement. Furthermore, all areas of the bathroom were designed to be easy to maintain and resistant to moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability.

By harmonising brighter and warmer colour tones throughout the space, we achieved a perfect balance that fulfilled the brief for style, luxury, and uniqueness. The resulting bathroom was a testament to our commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations, providing them with a haven that not only met but surpassed their desires for a deluxe retreat.


The shower cabin in this luxurious bathroom boasted durability and ease of maintenance with its 10mm thick tempered glass construction. The expansive 1100mm x 1100mm frameless shower created a sense of grandeur and space, accentuated by the seamless continuation of flooring and wall tiles throughout the entire bathroom. The shower featured the same French-themed glazed Porcelain tiles from Tile Depot, specifically the Vaucluse Bossa Nova matte finish range in Grey concrete color. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Louvre, these tiles infuse the space with an air of sophistication, blending elegant aesthetics with the natural charm of vintage stone.

The interior walls were painted in Resene’s interior Alabaster, a popular choice known for its warm and inviting hue, which enhanced the visual appeal of the bathroom while adding a touch of ageless elegance.

The fittings and fixtures, carefully selected from high-end supplier Reece Plumbing, showcased a brushed Nickel theme, adding a luxurious touch to the space. A built-in niche within the bathroom added a hint of refinement and practicality. We made sure that the bath and toilet fittings harmonise seamlessly with the flooring and walls, creating a cohesive design palette.

Bathroom Vanity & Storage

A wall-hung design vanity was chosen to maximize both visual spaciousness and practicality.

The vanity featured handle-free drawer, crafted from soft solid driftwood, provided a seamless and contemporary aesthetic that complemented the overall design scheme of the bathroom. This sleek finish was further enhanced by the strategic placement of lighting, which accentuated its smooth contours.

To add a touch of luxury and visual appeal, we selected the Moo 415 countertop basin from Reece. 

Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

Continuing the theme of luxury and hygiene, we incorporated a rimless toilet from the Kado Lux range, known for its high levels of cleanliness due to its hygienic design. To complete the toilet area, we included a toilet roll holder from the Mizu Drift Brushed Nickel range at Reece, seamlessly integrating functionality with style.

In the shower area, simplicity and elegance took center stage with the Mizu Stream Brushed Nickel shower water mixer and slider, offering a slimline design that enhanced both aesthetics and functionality. The basin tap and mixer, also from the Mizu range, featured a minimalist wall-mounted design that added a touch of sophistication to the bathroom.

To add those elegant finishing touches, we installed heated towel rails from the Mizu Stream range in Brushed Nickel, ensuring warmth and comfort after every shower. A built-in niche provided a stylish yet practical storage solution for personal accessories and products, while a 900mm round LED mirror with auto demist function ensured on-demand clarity for grooming routines. Completing the premium look is a pop-up waste bin from the Mizu Brushed Nickel series, adding a touch of refinement to the space.

Finally, we painted all doors and windows with Resene interior Alabaster paint, known for its durability, adding a warm and inviting touch to the bathroom interior.

Overall outcome

The client’s ecstatic reaction to our work was truly rewarding. Not only did we meet her expectations, but we also collaborated closely with her to bring her vision to fruition.

To provide further assurance of the quality and durability of our work, we offer a comprehensive warranty package. This includes 1-year workmanship warranty and a 15-year waterproof warranty that offers peace of mind against water damage. The PS4 certificate of waterproofing from the Council confirms compliance with building regulations, further reinforcing the integrity of our work.

All fittings sourced from Reece and tiles from Tile Depot come with a 10-year supplier warranty, guaranteeing their quality and durability. With this warranty package in place, the client can enjoy her premium bathroom with confidence, knowing that it is built to last and backed by our commitment to excellence.

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