Project Overview

Proving the power of communication, Ideal Renovations successfully completed a remarkable bathroom renovation for client Katherine in Australia.

Despite the distance, we collaborated effectively through email and phone, ensuring seamless communication throughout the project. Katherine had already initiated the demolition, seeking our expertise to transform the space into a rental-ready, functional yet enjoyable bathroom that her tenants could enjoy. 

We engaged Ideal Renovations to renovate our ensuite bathroom. We are based in Australia, and were worried that it would be difficult to manage the project in NZ, but Jimmy and his team made this process completely painless. We are SO impressed with their communication and the quality of the work. We were kept up to date proactively with regular emails and photos. Everything was completed on time and to a very high level. Jimmy thought of everything and reached out to ask about a number of things that we had forgotten to even mention. The site was left looking immaculate and we could not be happier with the final result. The pricing was extremely reasonable. We would recommend this team to anyone and will be using them again in the future.
Katherine Barrow



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Before The Renovation​


Katherine’s vision for her upstairs ensuite revolved around creating a bathroom that would not only be easy for future tenants to maintain but also exude an inviting charm.

Understanding the importance of meeting rental requirements, Katherine sought a bathroom design that would satisfy the necessary standards Also, being on the first floor, she wanted to ensure the waterproofing work was solid. 

Furthermore, as she considered the financial aspect of the project, balancing the budget with the anticipated rental income was a key consideration. 

Katherine entrusted Ideal Renovations with the responsibility of delivering reliable, high-quality solutions to ensure the success of her rental property.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

We transformed Katherine’s bathroom into a modern and functional space. The carefully selected colour palette of white, oak and grey achieved a timeless elegance, while maximising the visual impact. 

Ample storage solutions were installed, balancing practicality and aesthetics. Fixtures and fittings were chosen for their quality and efficiency, ensuring convenience for future tenants. 

Mirrors and optimised natural light enhanced the illusion of space, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the design concept successfully delivered a practical and spacious bathroom that tenants can enjoy with its sophisticated blend of colours, thoughtful storage solutions and an illusion of expanded space.

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Bathroom Materials

We carefully selected materials that combined durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal that we shared over email with Katherine and got her thoughts and approvals. 

The shower cabin featured an Englefield 1m*1m acrylic shower set, complemented by an easy-clean shower drain to ensure hassle-free maintenance for tenants. The shower tray and lino on the walls provided longevity and minimised the risk of water leakage. The addition of a new sliding door further enhanced the spaciousness of the ensuite.

The floor tiles were chosen with waterproofing underneath, providing peace of mind, especially since the bathroom was located on the second level. The selected tiles, Dolomite White (600 X 600mm) from Tile Depot, showcased a gorgeous porcelain replica of dolomite marble, featuring soft light venation and granular patterns. This versatile white-based tile, with its easy-care matt surface is perfect for both residential interior floors and walls.

In terms of the bathroom walls, Aqualine GIB was utilised, ensuring a sturdy and reliable foundation. To enhance waterproofing, Technokolla waterproof products were applied, providing long-lasting protection against moisture.
To complete the overall look, Resene Alabaster interior paint was used, adding a touch of brightness and creating a cohesive backdrop for the chosen materials.

Bathroom Vanity & Storage

We incorporated functional and stylish solutions for vanity and storage to make it rental-ready. The 900mm freestanding vanity from Renoarts became a centrepiece, offering both good looks and ample storage capacity. With its double drawers and oak colour, the vanity provides essential storage space for tenants. This allowed for organised placement of bathroom essentials, ensuring a clutter-free and tidy environment.

To add an element of comfort and luxury, an 800*600 heated towel rail was installed. This addition not only provided a convenient spot to hang towels but also ensured they remained warm and cosy, ready for use. 

The carefully chosen vanity and the inclusion of a heated towel rail contributed to the overall efficiency and convenience of the space. The integration of these elements reflected the commitment to providing reliable and high-quality solutions, further enhancing the value of the rental property.

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Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

We meticulously selected fittings and fixtures for Katherine’s renovated bathroom, prioritising functionality and budget.

Illuminating the bathroom with Phillip LED downlights created a warm and inviting ambiance while offering energy-efficient lighting. The 900mm round LED mirror with an auto demist function added a touch of sophistication, ensuring a clear reflection even in humid conditions. A power socket conveniently located on the side of the vanity provided an easy charging solution for electronic devices, catering to the tenants needs. 

The bathroom boasted high-quality tapwares from Methven, a renowned New Zealand brand. The Englefield back-to-wall style rimless toilet was selected for its sleek design and hygienic benefits, making cleaning easier and maintaining overall hygiene. To fulfil ventilation requirements, an independent extract fan was installed, ensuring proper airflow and moisture control. 

This feature not only met residential standards but also catered to potential rental needs, ensuring a comfortable and fresh bathroom environment.

The combination of fittings and fixtures highlighted our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable bathroom experience for Katherine’s future tenants.

Overall outcome

The outcome of the bathroom renovation project left the client, Katherine, impressed with its fresh, simple and highly functional design. The communication throughout the project was streamlined and efficient, with decisions, variations and selections made via email between the project manager and the owner. Regular project updates ensured transparency and kept Katherine informed of the progress.

The fittings and fixtures installed, including those from Englefield, Renoarts and Methven, came with supplier warranties, for peace of mind regarding their quality and durability. The workmanship carried a guarantee of one year.. Additionally, a 15-year warranty on waterproofing further ensured the longevity and reliability of the bathroom’s infrastructure.

The project was completed within 2.5 weeks.

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