Project Overview

Ben, our esteemed client, was after a cost-effective yet durable renovation solution for his common bathroom and laundry. With future plans to rent out the property, Ben required the bathroom to meet rental standards.

His vision was a contemporary bathroom which was not only modern to look at but also easy to maintain by the tenants. 

Throughout the two-month preparation period, Ideal Renovations maintained consistent communication with Ben, ensuring his confidence in the process. The renovation proceeded seamlessly, thanks to efficient collaboration.

I embarked on a two-month journey to prepare for the bathroom renovation, carefully selecting the perfect tiles and quality fittings while staying within my budget. Throughout this period, Ideal Renovations maintained constant communication with me, guiding me through the process and ensuring my confidence in the project. I am delighted to share that the entire renovation process ran smoothly, thanks to their efficient communication and expertise. Not only did they complete the project ahead of schedule, but they also managed to exceed my expectations. I am overjoyed with the outcome and truly enjoyed the renovation without any stress. Ideal Renovations made the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and commitment to delivering a remarkable result.



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Before The Renovation​

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Prior to the renovation, Ben’s common bathroom and laundry presented various challenges. The outdated space no longer matched his desired functionality and aesthetics. Ben envisioned a modern bathroom featuring a freestanding bath and a mirror cabinet for increased storage capacity. Adequate ventilation to combat moisture damage was of utmost importance. With future rental plans in mind, Ben aimed to meet the necessary standards for a rental bathroom. 

Diligently preparing for the renovation over two months, Ben meticulously selected budget-friendly yet high-quality tiles and fittings. Throughout this period, Ideal Renovations maintained regular communication, offering guidance and support as Ben embarked on his bathroom renovation journey with confidence.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

The renovated bathroom and laundry showcase a captivating aesthetic and inviting atmosphere. The floor and full wall tiling create a luxurious ambiance with their smooth polished finish. The spaciousness is enhanced and the space looks light and airy.

The shower set and freestanding bath add both functionality and elegance to the space. The glossy white wall hung vanity and mirror cabinet contribute to a neat and organized feel. The bathroom and laundry now exude a modern and comfortable vibe, achieved through carefully selected fixtures and fittings.

The client expresses great satisfaction, having enjoyed a stress-free renovation process with efficient communication and timely project completion.

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The renovation incorporated a selection of quality materials to elevate the bathroom and laundry spaces. The Englefield Sierra series 1m*1m acrylic shower set, coupled with an easy-clean shower drain, ensures effortless maintenance and prevents blockage issues. 

The floor and full wall tiling, supported by waterproofing underneath, provide a sense of reassurance. Full Aqualine GIB, a Technokolla waterproof product, contributes to the spaces’ durability. Resene Alabaster interior painting adds a light and refreshing touch. 

The tiles from Tile Depot, are the stunning MG Onyx White Polished 600 X 600, feature a smooth polished finish that adds a luxurious and timeless touch. These tiles are a perfect choice for enhancing the residential interior floors and walls, creating a truly impressive look.

Bathroom Vanity & Storage

The bathroom renovation incorporated carefully designed storage solutions to maximise functionality and create a neat atmosphere. 

A 750mm wall hung vanity from Mico Plumbing provided ample storage space, while its gloss white colour added to the overall tidiness. The addition of a 750mm Avon mirror cabinet with two doors, also from Mico Plumbing, offered additional storage capacity.

Furthermore, the vanity featured a power socket on the side, providing a convenient power supply for charging electronic devices. These thoughtfully integrated storage elements ensure a clutter-free and organised bathroom space, promoting both practicality and aesthetics.

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Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

The bathroom renovation incorporated a range of high-quality fittings and fixtures to enhance functionality and add aesthetic appeal. The lighting was upgraded with Phillip LED downlights, providing a bright and energy-efficient illumination. The tapware selected for the project was from the popular Glide series by Mico, combining style and practicality. 

To ensure cleanliness and ease of maintenance, the Adesso EdgeII Rimless back-to-wall toilet was chosen, offering a contemporary and hygienic design. The bathroom also features a Raymo towel rail, with a generous size of 1025*600mm and a total of nine rails for keeping towels warm and dry. 

The impressive Varo freestanding back-to-wall bath, measuring 1500mm, fits snugly against the wall corner, leaving no gaps and offering both comfort and style. To address ventilation requirements, an independent extract fan was installed, catering not only to residential needs but also potential rental property requirements. Additionally, a 3-in-1 heater and shower dome were included to maintain moisture control within the shower area.

Overall outcome

The client expressed great satisfaction with the transformed bathroom and laundry. The implementation of a light and white colour theme created an illusion of spaciousness, making the rooms appear larger. The space now offers the flexibility of both a shower and a bath, providing options for relaxation. The inclusion of an acrylic shower ensures easy maintenance and durability. 

All fittings are backed by warranties from Mico Plumbing and Methven, providing the client with peace of mind. The workmanship is guaranteed for one year, and the waterproofing is covered by a 15-year warranty, assuring long-lasting quality and protection for the newly renovated spaces. The project was completed within a timeframe of 3 weeks, resulting in a successful and satisfying outcome for the client.

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