Project Overview

After residing in the property for an extended period, our client made a decision to renovate the ensuite at Remuera.

Despite the enduring quality of the 1900’s villa, the client felt it was time to refresh the ensuite for a simple, neat, and elegant look that resonates with the timeless style of the house.

Absolutely delighted with our ensuite transformation! Ideal Renovations delivered a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The custom vanity, contemporary fixtures, and tasteful tiles surpassed our vision. Exceptional communication, professionalism, and reliable warranties make Ideal Renovations our preferred choice. Thank you for the outstanding makeover!



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Before The Renovation​

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The ensuite, although in good condition, required a touch of modernisation to align with the evolving tastes of the homeowner. 

The house, a 1900’s villa, boasted enduring quality, setting the stage for a renovation that respects the historical essence while introducing contemporary elements. 

The custom-made vanity was a necessity due to specific size requirements, featuring a countertop basin for both practicality and aesthetics.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

Upon entering the renovated ensuite, one is welcomed by a seamless fusion of simplicity and elegance. 

The fresh, airy ambiance is heightened by new LED downlights, perfectly complementing the high ceiling. 

The half wall adorned with City White Gloss tiles in a 200*400mm format, painted in Resene Comfortably Numb, steals the spotlight, providing a striking backdrop for the contemporary fixtures.

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The custom-made 1x1m frameless pull-out door shower enhances the perception of space, offering both functionality and style. 

The floor adorned with Elegance White matte 600x600mm tiles provides a clean and timeless base, while Technokolla waterproof products ensure durability. 

The use of full Aqualine GIB and high-quality waterproofing solidify the foundation of the revamped ensuite.

Bathroom Cabinets and Storage:

The ensuite storage is ingeniously incorporated into a 1500mm wall freestanding countertop vanity. Crafted with Best Wood Jarrah Legend wood grain panels and a 30mm thickness White Sky benchtop, the vanity exudes sophistication. Hafele Alto running drawers maximize storage, and the Valdama Pod basin atop adds a touch of Italian elegance. 

The 1200mm LED mirror from Renoarts, equipped with auto-demist, color change, and dimmer functions, elevates both aesthetics and functionality.

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IMG 20231002 110158
Fixtures, Fittings, and Appliances:

Chrome-colored tapware from Engelfield complements the ensemble, providing a touch of modernity. 

Resene Alabaster and Comfortably Numb paints adorn the ceilings and walls, creating a fresh and cohesive atmosphere. 

The ensuite features an Evora rimless back-to-wall toilet, combining ease of cleaning with a modern design.

Overall outcome

The project was completed in 3 weeks. The newly renovated ensuite achieves a delicate balance between freshness, elegance, and functionality. The standout feature, the half wall with Resene Comfortably Numb, serves as a visual highlight, elevating the entire space. The high-end Italian-made countertop basin, combined with the custom vanity, adds a luxurious touch. The efficient communication between the project manager and owner facilitated a seamless process. With a 1-year workmanship guarantee and a 15-year waterproof warranty, the client can enjoy the revitalized ensuite for years to come.

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