Project Overview

The client's primary bathroom required renovation to achieve a more modern appearance, fitting for a lifestyle property in Kaupakapaka.

Client’s goal was to infuse the space with a contemporary flair, introducing modern fittings, fixtures, and storage solutions. In addition, the client emphasised the importance of ensuring sufficient ventilation and lighting while also prioritising practicality and ease of maintenance.

Jimmy and his team have done a fantastic job on our main bathroom. Despite tight time schedules, communication has been smooth and effortless. We are already in discussion to proceed with the ensuite renovation and feature wall for the fireplace!
Annie & Quintin



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Before The Renovation​

IMG 20230417 092641

While the bathroom wasn’t extensively worn down, it required a modern makeover.

Annie and Quinton had a clear understanding of what they wanted, a bigger shower, underfloor heating, a freestanding bath for their children and a double basin elegant looking vanity.

They had high expectations for the tiling colour, design and layout.  They wanted to bring the place alive with a contemporary touch and modern fittings, fixtures and storage. At the same time, a well-ventilated bathroom that was easy to maintain.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

Our approach was to keep it smart, simple, elegant, and stylish, ensuring that we meet the client’s requirements with a contemporary twist.

Careful consideration was given to selecting top-quality materials to transform the bathroom into a modern and stylish sanctuary. Each material was chosen with equal focus on functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a visually appealing and enduring renovation.

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The renovation featured a custom-made frameless shower measuring 1m X 1.2m, supported by a Brushed Nickel powder-coated glass channel. Both the floor and wall tiles were meticulously laid with waterproofing underneath to ensure peace of mind. The bathroom boasted full Aqualine GIB, alongside the application of Technokolla waterproof products.

An extractor fan was fixed on the ceiling for ventilation purposes. To enhance comfort, new underfloor heating with a control panel was integrated into the design. Finally, the renovation was illuminated by Philip LED ceiling lights with two-colour adjustable settings, adding versatility and ambiance to the space.

Bathroom Cabinets and Storage:

We selected a custom-made wall-hung countertop double basin vanity measuring 1200mm to maximise storage and enhance the bathroom’s elegance. The vanity featured white acrylic boards and a 30mm thickness engineered stone, adding both functionality and sophistication to the space. An LED light strip was added underneath the wall-hung vanity for a warm glow that is atmospheric.

A 600mm X 800mm heated towel rail was installed for convenient access to warm towels within the shower area. To elevate the bathroom’s outlook, an intelligent 1200mm LED mirror with auto-demist, dimmer, and colour change options was included, providing versatility and convenience. On top of that, shower niche was built to serve as storage space for shampoo and soap, ensuring a clutter-free and organised environment.

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IMG 20230625 220516
Fixtures, Fittings, and Appliances:

The fittings and fixtures chosen for the renovation included Brushed Nickel shower mixers, sliders, basin taps, and a bath spout, all sourced from the reputable brand Methven. The toilet featured a rimless CCBTW system from Englefied, while the basin was supplied by New Tech.

For the interior painting, Resene Alabaster was selected to provide a clean and timeless finish. The tiles used were from Tile Depot, with the bathroom floor and wall adorned in Casserto Grey 600mm X 1200mm tiles. This rectified porcelain series offered a distinct concrete formwork effect, adding an industrial, urban, and slightly edgy vibe to the space. Available in contemporary colours such as Grey, White, and Nero, these tiles could be utilised on both floors and walls.

To enhance the bathing experience for the kids, a back-to-wall freestanding bath measuring 1500mm was installed, providing ample space for enjoyment and relaxation.

Overall outcome

The client provided positive feedback, affirming the quality of workmanship. Following the completion of the main bathroom project, the client has requested us to proceed with the ensuite renovation, the feature wall construction at the fireplace and the change of flooring. 

This bathroom renovation is of high-end quality, featuring a custom-made wall-hung vanity and top-brand fittings, along with large decorative tiles. The use of Brushed Nickel colour fittings creates a striking contrast against the light-coloured elements. Various styles of LED lighting have been incorporated throughout the bathroom, adding both aesthetic appeal and practicality. The underfloor heating also ensures comfort during the winter months. With a one-year guarantee on workmanship and a 15-year waterproof warranty, this renovation is designed to offer both durability and peace of mind.

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