Project Overview

Our client Jimmy sought a fresh, modern transformation for the main bathroom at Meadowbank.

The vision included a color-contrasted tone, a freestanding bath, a frameless shower, and an elegant vanity. Despite the existing bathroom being in good condition, the decision to renovate was driven by the desire for a contemporary aesthetic. 

Jimmy and his team have done a fantastic job on our main bathroom. Their communication throughout the whole process was amazing. We are already in talks for our next renovation on the downstairs bathroom!
Jimmy Higgins



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Before The Renovation​

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The bathroom was not very run down or water damaged but in need of a makeover for modernity. Jimmy wanted to make it more modern without changing the structure. 

He decided to do this because he likes the look of modern bathrooms, especially ones with a freestanding bath and more color.

He wanted to bring the place alive with a contemporary touch and modern fittings, fixtures and storage. He also wanted to have good ventilation and lighting while keeping the place practical and easy to maintain. 

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

Upon entering the renovated main bathroom, one is enveloped in an atmosphere of modern luxury. The play of contrasting tones, from the sleek black fittings to the soft grey hues of Tivoli Pearl Matt tiles, creates a visually striking and harmonious space. 

The oval-shaped freestanding bath stands as a focal point, invoking a sense of relaxation and adding a touch of whimsy. The floor-to-ceiling tiles amplify the feeling of spaciousness, completing a contemporary sanctuary that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

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The custom-made 1x 1.1m frameless shower exudes modern elegance, sitting on a black powder-coated glass channel with corresponding accessories. 

Floor and wall tiles, Tivoli Pearl Matt 600x600mm from Tile Depot, not only provide a visual contrast but also feature waterproofing for added durability. A full Aqualine GIB and Technokolla waterproof products ensure a robust foundation. 

Bathroom Cabinets and Storage:

The 900mm wall-hung countertop single-basin vanity from NewTech takes center stage, offering both storage and elegance with its black-colored panel and 20mm thick engineered stone. 

An LED mirror with auto-demist, dimmer, and color change options adds a touch of sophistication. Niche spaces are strategically built into the shower and bath wet areas for convenient storage of shampoos and soaps.

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IMG 20230724 213941
Fixtures, Fittings, and Appliances:

Matt black fixtures from the trusted NZ local brand Englefield dominate the bathroom – from the shower mixer/slider and basin and shower mixer to the bath spout. The bathroom features Resene Alabaster interior painting to complement the tiles. The oval-shaped freestanding bath, measuring 1500mm, becomes a focal point, adding an element of fun for the kids.

The bathroom is further adorned with a matt black finished pop-up waste, shower floor drain, and a Heirloom Strata Heated towel bar. Venting takes place with a proper extractor fan on the ceiling and Philip LED ceiling lights with two-color adjustable settings provide brilliant ambience.

Overall outcome

The main bathroom achieved a stunning transformation with the incorporation of matt black color fittings creating a striking contrast with the Tivoli Pearl Matt tiles. Floor-to-ceiling tiling not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also aids in moisture removal, contributing to a spacious and visually appealing bathroom. The oval-shaped freestanding bath stands out as a unique feature, adding both functionality and style. With a 15 years waterproofing warranty and 10 years on the Englefield tapware along with a 1 year workmanship warranty, our team delivered a bathroom that surpasses expectations, and the client is delighted with the outcome, enjoying the newfound spaciousness.

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