Project Overview

In this remarkable bathroom renovation, we took on a tired and ageing space, giving it a fresh new look. Our goal was to mix modern style with timeless charm while making the space practical and visually appealing.

The client’s wish for a brushed Nickel theme and a double drawer wall hung vanity guided our creative process. 

Through careful tile selection, smart spatial planning, and creative design solutions, we turned this bathroom into a comfortable and elegant retreat.

I’m genuinely impressed with the fresh design and layout of both bathrooms. The builders and tilers have done a fantastic job, and they’re a breeze to work with – quick in delivering quotes and products. I must commend Geoffrey for his outstanding project management skills. He didn’t miss a beat, even paying meticulous attention to exterior cladding, ensuring water-tightness for the niche, and crafting the perfect frame for the mirror cabinet. His professionalism shines through. It’s clear that everyone’s dedication has transformed these spaces into something truly special.
Lexi Jones





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Before The Renovation​


Before we started, the bathroom had its challenges. Worn-out vanity panels and an old-fashioned shower setup showed its age. Plus, lots of windows made it tricky to plan the layout and fit in larger fixtures. 

The client’s desire for a modern, stylish bathroom included a frameless shower with a sliding door and a classic, luxurious look. 

Our job was to blend all these aspects smoothly, breathing new life into a space that was ready for a change.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

Step into a renewed bathroom where colours, textures, and designs come together in a captivating dance. 

Soft hues and warm tones, like the Brookfield Nordic Ash and brushed nickel accents, create a calm atmosphere. Tiles and fixtures balance old and new, a mix of tradition and modernity. The cosy yet stylish ambiance is illuminated by the gentle glow of LED downlights. 

This bathroom is a space where classic charm and contemporary style meet, offering a beautiful and inviting experience.

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The selection of materials played a pivotal role in reimagining this bathroom, creating a symphony of style, functionality, and durability. The shower area received a touch of modern luxury with a 10mm tempered glass sliding door, effortlessly marrying sleek design with sturdiness.
Our choice of AllProof shower drain system from Reece Plumbing ensured efficient drainage.The Aqualine GIB and new Ceiling GIB formed a sturdy foundation, backed by the reliability of Technokolla waterproofing.

For the walls and floors, we embarked on a harmonious journey of light-coloured tiles that exude sophistication. The walls embraced the timeless Casablanca White tile from Tile Depot, a masterpiece in 120×120 dimensions, offering a charming interplay of shades for a dynamic visual experience.

Complementing the wall’s elegance, the floor was adorned with 600 x 600mm Egyptian White Deco porcelain tiles, radiating a warm eggshell white that added depth to the space. These tiles are set in a captivating random mix, extended from the floor and rolled up to form a captivating feature wall behind the vanity, infusing the bathroom with character.

Bathroom Vanity & Storage

Our bathroom storage solutions combine practicality and style seamlessly. The 600mm wall-hung vanity, in the inviting tones of Brookfield Nordic Ash from Reece, comes with double drawers, adding an organised touch with elegance.

For added comfort, the Mizu Stream 800*600 heated towel rail takes its place, functional and snug. The Avon 600 mirror cabinet, elegantly recessed into the wall with its Nordic Ash design, offers extra storage for everyday needs. It’s worth noting that this cabinet includes an additional internal power socket, discreetly placed for easy charging without affecting the look.

Highlighting our comprehensive approach, a transformed window stands out. With external cladding and expert painting, it fits seamlessly with the bathroom’s look, enhancing both appearance and layout. This creative change shows our commitment to merging style and usefulness, capturing our dedication to a practical and sophisticated transformation.

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Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

The meticulous selection of bathroom fittings and fixtures weaved an enchanting tapestry of style and purpose, enhancing every facet of the space.

Philip LED Downlights cast a gentle radiance, painting the bathroom with a soothing glow that beckons relaxation. The Reece Storm Series Tapwares not only serve as exquisite focal points but also ensure effortless water flow, harmonising aesthetics with practicality.

The Rimless Toilet – Kado Back to Wall Style embraces modernity while its rimless feature elevates hygiene, and the back-to-wall style optimises space utilisation. The addition of an Independent Extractor Fan speaks not just to residential comfort, but also anticipates rental needs, maintaining optimal air circulation.

Incorporating a consistent thread of sophistication, every accessory – from the toilet roll holder to the shower mixer/slider, basin mixer to sliding shower accessories – comes to life in elegant Brushed Nickel theme. The language of luxury extends to glass channels, tile edge trims, shower drain, and basin pop-up waste and overflow, all united by the timeless allure of brushed nickel.

Overall outcome

The client’s new bathroom showcases a whole new style, bringing a fresh atmosphere. The blend of fittings and tiles adds an elegant touch, creating a high-end vibe. It’s a striking change from before, exuding sophistication with its refined colours. The project was completed within 4 weeks. 

All fittings come with Reece’s warranty, ensuring quality. Our commitment is emphasised by a 1-year workmanship guarantee, while a 15-year waterproof warranty ensures long-lasting function. The end result speaks to the power of change, where every detail reflects excellence.

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