Project Overview

The home of our client, Lawrence, located in Karaka, has undergone an expansion of 500 square meters to adapt to their evolving needs. This was a great chance to enhance their living areas and enhance the value of their property.

Lawrence had a specific vision for the bathrooms in his home. He desired a large, luxurious master bathroom for himself and his partner. Additionally, he wanted a functional and efficient shared space for his two sons to use during busy mornings. He wanted their bathroom to have side-by-side vanity and be easy to maintain for young boys. 

We are so excited to move into our newly extended home. My wife is particularly looking forward to using the main bathroom. The children are also excited to use the semi-bathroom. The work performed by Jimmy and his team is outstanding and they went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They were punctual, hardworking, and their work was always of the highest standard. Jimmy closely monitored their progress and workmanship. A major advantage was that Jimmy was always available to answer any questions and promptly resolve any issues that arose.

– Lawrence Leung



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Before The Renovation​

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The scope of this project was exciting for us. Since the team at Ideal Renovations was involved in the early stages as the architect was crafting the extension, we had a head start. 

Lawrence sought out a reputable and experienced renovation company to design and execute the project. 

Our team was thrilled to take on this project as it allowed us to showcase our ingenuity and focus on practicality in the two bathrooms.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

The main bathroom has a gorgeous feature wall to bring alive the whole space with royal shades of blue and gold. The space is large and inviting with a large shower area, freestanding bath and vanity, making it a pleasure to use even on the busiest of mornings. 

The boys bathroom has a contemporary look with a wall to wall shower area with a feature wall. Two vanities, two towel rails and ample storage make it a pleasure for the boys to share this space. 

Bathroom Materials Used

The tiles used are from the premium CasaItaliana range. For the walls we used 600x1200mm tiles from the Fresco range – Regio colour and for the floor Este colour. These tiles have a contemporary Italian style that shows sophistication in the contrast between materials and finishes. 

They are also made with leading ceramic materials being only 7mm thick, these tiles are easy to handle, install and maintain. They are also hygienic, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, and fireproof.

We used epoxy grout for all bathroom surfaces to ensure maximum hygiene, and provide strong resistance to chemicals and physical wear and tear. The epoxy grout also ensures a strong waterproof seal. 

We also installed a full Aqualine GIB in the bathroom and used the durable Resene Alabaster paint for the bathroom ceiling for a warm shade of white.

Shower, Bath & Vanity

The shower area is spacious and made of 10mm thick tempered glass and is waterproofed using Mapei products. The drain system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, using a Revolver Invisi-Drain supplied by Reece, ensuring both a sleek look with practicality.

The Posh Domaine Freestanding Bathtub exudes a minimalist aesthetic through its sleek, elegant design. Measuring 1700 x 750mm and finished in white, this bath is perfect for creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the bathroom. Its back-to-wall design allows for easy cleaning and makes it a stunning focal point in any bathroom.

The main bathroom features a custom-made, wall-mounted vanity countertop that measures 1600mm in length and includes both drawers and a cabinet. The semi-bathroom also has a custom-made, wall-mounted vanity countertop of the same size.

Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures

The main bathroom features a double countertop basin, allowing for simultaneous use during busy mornings. The countertop basin is a Valdama Sinfonia in white gloss with dimensions of 53.5x42x16H and is supplied by Franklin. Additionally, there is an extra power socket placed beside the toilet for potential future installation of a bidet. 

The tapware, including a wall-mounted bath spout and mixer, overhead shower system, and tall basin mixer, are all in a Hansgrohe chrome finish to provide elegance which is also easy to maintain. The heated towel rails and toilet roll holders are from Heirloom.

We installed underfloor heating in all bathrooms to keep them warm during the winter months. Additionally, a 3-in-1 heater with an independent extractor fan was added to ensure maximum moisture removal after showering.

The bathroom also has an LED light strip under the vanity. The sensors automatically light up the bathroom for easy access during nighttime, eliminating the need for ceiling lights. 

Overall outcome

An overwhelming outcome for the client because the bathrooms were a huge upgrade for every member of the family. The main bathroom is grand with its Italian Renaissance era theme. The spacious double vanity allows for efficient usage even on the busiest of mornings. The boys bathroom has been created for side-by-side usage for efficiency and also so easy to clean for young boys. 

In the main bathroom, the wall-mounted bath spout with mixer and shower slider allows for both soaking in the bathtub and showering, particularly useful for young children. For both bathrooms, the shower spaces are huge making it a luxurious space for a peaceful shower with simple maintenance. 

Both spaces are not just a complete pleasure to use and easy to clean but they will be durable and long-lasting for years to come. The bathroom comes with long lasting warranties of 15 years on the waterproofing and 15 years on all supplier provided fittings. 

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