Project Overview

Our client Lawrence’s home in Karaka has been extended by 500sqm to accommodate their growing lifestyle. This was an excellent opportunity to increase their living spaces and add to the value of their home.

Lawrence wanted 2 kitchens. Each to be its own unique space delivering its own unique function. The main kitchen is about luxury, elegance, simplicity and spaciousness. The other kitchen served a more functional space for the heavier kitchen work to keep the day-to-day cooking smells out of the house. 

I was surprised with the kitchen design, it was exactly what I wanted because I don’t like too many colors in the kitchen. The work done by Jimmy and his team was absolutely amazing, they went above and beyond to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. They were always punctual and hardworking. Their work was always to the highest standard, and Jimmy was always checking their progress and workmanship. A very important aspect for me was how Jimmy was always available to answer any questions and any issues were resolved immediately.

– Lawrence Leung



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Before The Renovation​

IMG 20220802 121957

Since the Ideal Renovations team were involved in the early stages as the architect was designing the extension, we were able to get a head start. Lawrence wanted an experienced and trusted renovation company to design the layout and carry out the job. 

Our team was delighted to take on this project since it gave us room for creativity and functionality in two kitchens.


After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

In the main kitchen, the idea was to maintain simplicity and elegance. Which comes through in the glossy black and white contrast and the grandeur feeling throughout the space. There is a smooth and elegant finish to all cabinetry, fittings and appliances. Practical with a minimalist appeal while still feeling homely yet luxurious. 

The second kitchen carries the same theme as the main kitchen but is unique with its own subway tile splashback. Working perfectly to do the heavier lifting in the cooking with its well ventilated space. 

Kitchen Materials used

The 30mm engineered benchtop is from the Transcendent range at YJ Stone (ArchiPro). This is a premium marble type of stone with beautiful patterns found in the benchtop, rather than just a uniform pattern through the stone.

The main kitchen features a wall tile from the Casa Italiana range, called the Kerlite 5Plus in Iron colour. This tile is 5.5mm thick, has a rectified and chamfered finish, and has a metallic look. It is made from high-quality raw materials and is extremely durable, resistant to stains, and easy to clean. 

The second kitchen features a subway tile from Tile Depot in the Casablanca White 58*242 color. The color combination of white and black high gloss acrylic boards, which are simple, easy to clean, and don’t leave fingerprints. 

For the painting in both kitchens we used Resene Alabaster which due to their warm base, add a beautiful tone of white that is warm and comforting as opposed to a clinical white. 

Kitchen Storage

The kitchen features deep drawers for storing dish plates, a large cabinet, and a pantry. The cabinets and pantry have an aluminum matte finish and include transparent glass display shelves. The wall-mounted cabinets have an uplift design for easy access. The kitchen also includes a cavity that can accommodate a double door refrigerator, including a water inlet for a fridge with an ice maker.


There are warm LED light strips in all cabinets, the island bar, and display shelves, as well as a black and white pendant light over the island bar from Eago light NZ.

Kitchen Fittings

The small sink in the kitchen is made of stainless steel, while the main sink is a double Hafele (Blanco silgranit) model. The kitchen and bar faucet are all in a Hansgrohe chrome color, with the main kitchen faucet having a matte black finish. 

There is also an Insinkerator HC1100 Near Boiling + Cold Filtered Water Tap on the island bar which offers instant access to steaming hot water and has a swivelling spout. The tap is insulated from heat, has a child-safe spring-loaded hot water lever and a two-lever dispenser. 

Additionally, it has scale reduction technology that protects heating elements and is energy-efficient, saving both time and money. The easy to replace filter has an automatic shut-off valve and an adjustable temperature dial (88˚C to 98˚C) which helps to reduce unpleasant tastes, chemicals and odors. 

Kitchen appliances

The small kitchen features a Bosch 60cm 4 Burner Gas Cooktop and a Fisher & Paykel double drawer dishwasher. Additionally, there is a Robam brand embedded range hood model A830. This is one of the most powerful extractors in the market and can take heavy duty cooking smells from frying to braising right out of the house. 

In the main kitchen, there is a larger Bosch 90cm 6 Burner Gas Cooktop and a Fisher & Parkel combi steam oven for a masterchef to cook up a storm. A Bosch freestanding dishwasher for the perfectly easy clean up afterwards and a Fisher & Paykel 90cm integrated range hood to keep the cooking smells and grease away. 

Overall outcome

A fabulous outcome for our client with the main kitchen designed to be spacious with ample storage and a simple color scheme that is easy to maintain. The large gas cooktop and range hood serve for easy cooking and cleaning. The double sink is large enough to handle cooking preparations and post-meal dishwashing. 

The small kitchen, which has a door and window, will be the main area of use. This is to reduce the spread of cooking smells throughout the house. The small kitchen is suitable for pan-frying and the Robam range hood is a powerful unit that is available in the market.

For warranties the Kitchen overall has 7 Years, accessories 10 years, appliances 2 years as provided by the supplier, all fitting 5-15 years depends on brand.

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