Project Overview

Our client built their lovely new house in Flat Bush and they reached out to Ideal Renovations to design the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces to complete their new dream home.

Together with the team, we worked out our client needs. 

They wanted the kitchen to feel more spacious and be more practical for their cooking needs. For the bathroom, they wanted a modern and contemporary look while being easy to clean and maintain. For the living area, they requested the space to be used for more than just a sofa and table set-up but something cosier with entertainment facilities, storage spaces and display shelves. 

My dream of having a custom-designed kitchen and bathroom as well as a living space fit for entertainment brought me to Ideal Renovations. Their exceptional service helped tick all my boxes and made my dream home a reality. I am blown away by their patience and professionalism. We are one very satisfied family looking forward to creating many precious memories in our dream home.
Ellie Eng
Premium Level Kitchen

Our client was looking for a completely kitted out kitchen at a premium level and our team were more than happy to deliver.

Panels, Countertops & Floorings

For the countertops, we used engineered Pandora marble stone which has been developed for the purpose of creating kitchens with elegance while providing all the functionality needed for a good kitchen. Pandora stone is beautiful, durable, stain-resistant and easy to maintain.

To make the kitchen panelling, we used textured matte finish combined with wood grain finish panels. This gave the kitchen a very European sophistication with a high quality look. The flooring in the kitchen is entirely laminated for easy cleaning and practical maintenance for day-to-day use.

Cabinets, Lighting and Appliances

To carry on the look of style and sophistication, we used Aluminium with black coating for the display cabinets which added to the modern and contemporary design which the client loved.

For the tiled splash back, we used special tiling called Ductile Blanc Invisible, a 6mm thick tile made using Ductile technology, making the tile lighter and easier to cut. The Blanc Marble collection has a natural elegance and a soft matt finish which matches the design of the kitchen.

All lighting was LED done as LED strips across and inside all cabinets to provide illumination where it is needed. LED downlights and pendant lights also provide illumination to the entire kitchen area. Bosch appliances have been fitted throughout the kitchen to match with the high quality fittings and the modern design

Living Room

All cabinetry which included the TV, wall cabinets and display cabinets were cleverly designed and installed in a manner to make the best use of space without any wastage.

We placed LED interior lighting throughout the cabinets. These lights are colour changeable controlled entirely by the remote.
We wanted to give the client the feeling of control over how they control the ambience in the living room and create different feelings and moods using the lighting.


To create a look of style yet practicality in the bathroom, we used 600x600mm tiles throughout all the walls and did a feature wall using 300x600mm tiling to create a highlight behind the bath. We used a modern freestanding bath with elegant fittings to match with the bathroom look.

The client has two boys for whom we built two side-by-side vanity counters so each has their own one to use – especially on busy mornings. We placed an LED mirror on each side with an auto demist function to prevent unnecessary wiping and marks. The mirror can also change colours to create mood lighting and effects in the bathroom.

See here for detailed project images and description of the bathroom. 

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