Project Overview

This one-bathroom renovation project that we undertook in Ponsonby was one of our highlights.

The challenge was to find the best layout for a narrow-shaped bathroom without cluttering the place all over. Our client also wanted a more spacious bathroom to enhance convenience.

“What an awesome job despite all the delays from Covid! Top notch customer service and professionalism. Thank you, Jimmy and your team, for the quality service. Highly recommended!”
Sara Sonley
Additional storage
The main challenge with this project was space. We had to figure out how to design the bathroom without taking too much space. The other challenge was to make the room more spacious to declutter the bathroom and achieve a neat look. We decided to install timber floating shelves for extra storage and deco. A beautiful plant could be an excellent way to make the room aesthetically pleasing. We noticed that the side pipe toilet was taking up too much space. We, therefore, decided to change the side pipe toilet into a more convenient wall toilet.
Unique vanity
Our client opted for the timber floating vanity countertop basin that provided a unique and classic look. We replaced the plain traditional faucet with a sleek modern one that fully transformed the space. Above the countertop basin, we installed a mirror to brighten and spruce up the space. The outcome was a superior vanity segment that blended perfectly with the complementary tilework.
Wet area
A traditional bathtub didn’t seem to work for our client anymore. We replaced the bathtub with a big walk-in shower with handrails for a special needs person. This was more convenient than a bathtub which would require a struggle to get into. There is nothing as annoying as hitting walls or fixtures while taking a shower. We ensured that the walk-in shower was spacious enough to enjoy a long shower after work.
Tile work
The paintwork on the walls of the bathroom was plain and had started to chip off. Our client preferred using tiles to traditional paintwork. We did a full wall tile work with marble-looking tile that gave the room a modern and elegant look that our client was hoping for. The brown color of the tiles that our client chose fitted her personality and style. A narrow-shaped bathroom can become a peaceful and relaxing spot. If you had any doubts about that, our project will inspire you to get started. Whether you require your flooring changed, additional storage, or a new vanity, it can be possible with high-quality bathroom renovation services. Call us today to get the conversation started.

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