Project Overview

Our client has lived in their family home in Papatoetoe for about 30 years. The kitchen is the heart of their home and a much loved space they have used consistently over the decades.

They felt the need for it to have a complete redesign to give way to a more modern, contemporary and spacious kitchen they could use for years to come. They got in touch with us and we were glad to assist. 

I cannot thank the Ideal Renovations team enough for the remarkable job they have done. They transformed the entire space exactly how we wanted it! Their choice of materials and tiles was perfect and now I have all the space I need for my kitchen appliances. Jimmy and the team communicated with us throughout with regular updates and kept the renovation running smoothly on time and on budget! I can now work on pursuing my dreams as a masterchef with this amazing kitchen!



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Before The Renovation​

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We were given very thorough requirements which helped us to create the entire design and scope of the project. We were told we had to change the flooring and layout with the objectives to modernise and create space including working areas and storage. 

To be further generous with space, the client also wanted to raise the dropped ceiling to accommodate larger cabinets and remove the wall partition to make way for a double door fridge. The kitchen also needed better extraction, lighting and a new paint job. 

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

The underlying theme of “modern and spacious” runs throughout the kitchen we designed. By raising the dropped-down sections of the ceiling, changing the flooring and adding a U shaped kitchen counter – we expanded the same space to appear visually generous. The entire room also appears more illuminated with the new paint and lighting added. The space for storage, working and moving is also much larger while remaining easy to clean and maintain. 

Kitchen Materials - Countertop

The star of the show is the U-shaped 30mm thickness engineered benchtop from Uniquartz that we installed. This is a “Diamond Black” colour that fits perfectly where a darker looking surface is needed. The dark grey background has inset flecks of black and silver bringing the surface to life by adding contrast and dimensionality. This is durable and easy to maintain making it the perfect choice for family kitchens. 

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Kitchen Materials - Walls & Flooring

The feature wall is a 30mm x 60mm tile splash-back made of Novo White Hex Gloss supplied by Tile Space. This is a decorative 3D ceramic tile in a rectangle format with a hexagon pattern making it uniquely appealing and super easy for cleaning. 

The flooring is  60mm x 60mm floor tiles from Value Tiles & Flooring. With a patterned tile look that emulates timber flooring. We also repainted the interiors with a matching shade of Dulux white on white interior paint which is renowned for its quality and long lasting finish. 

Kitchen Storage & Cabinets

We installed large cabinets underneath the U shaped benchtop for easy accessibility and maintenance. The U shaped large benchtop also provides plenty of storage area for everyday kitchen accessories like the toaster, rice cooker and air fryer. 

We created a storage area above the fridge cavity and installed wall hung cabinets by raising the low ceilings and making use of the extra space. We also added a cavity for the microwave giving it a neat look. 

The cabinetry material is an 18mm Melteca board MDF material in “Snow Drift Satin” to match the white shades. For the cabinets and drawers, we used Hafele (a premium German supplier) with soft close runners and handle-free design for a smooth finish. 

Kitchen Fittings & Appliances

We put a large black stainless steel sink from Trade Depot to match the countertop and add to the luxurious look of the kitchen. The undermount sink design has a seamless edge giving more space, a neat finish and ease of cleaning with a simple wipe. We added an Acquatica all pressure mixer from Renoarts. 

We created space for double door fridge by removing the old pantry partition wall and raising the ceiling. A gas cooktop was installed replacing the old electric cooker and letting our client pursue her masterchef dreams! The extractor which previously vented through the roof was impractical and messy so we replaced it with a neat in-set extractor which vents correctly through the wall – completely removing all grease and cooking smells from the house. 

We also installed brand new power double sockets repositioned to the new kitchen design for easy accessibility and practicality. Entirely new LED downlights from Phillips now illuminate this beautiful new kitchen.

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Overall outcome

Our client was absolutely ecstatic with the result – not only did we deliver on practicality and design, the amount of space they had gained was generous! By removing the partition wall and raising the ceiling, we reinvented the concept of space for this kitchen. The choice of tile patterns were much loved for their uniqueness and practicality. We were able to deliver their dream kitchen well within budget and packed with high quality materials and accessories. Our client has 5 investment properties and want us to renovate those in the new year!

The whole kitchen has a 5 year warranty and the accessories and interior painting have a 7 year warranty. The appliances come with a 2 years supplier warranty as well.