Home Renovation at The Mews

Project Overview

Client purchased this well-constructed house with the intention of residing in the renovated property for at least another 20 years. Thus, the materials chosen are of premium quality with a lasting and luxurious finish.

Avis wanted to remove the wallpaper and repaint the entire house. At the same time, she would like to replace all existing lights with energy-efficient LED ceiling lights.

She intended to designate several rooms for use as home office. Thus, we needed to consider building office desks and cabinets to maximise functional storage space.

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The custom-made cabinets feature a sleek high gloss acrylic white finish, equipped with Hafele soft close door hinges and Alto soft close drawer runners. Consistency is maintained throughout the house with Brushed Nickel-colored handles adorning all cabinets, matching the door handles. On top of that, the custom-made office desk is crafted from solid American Oak timber, with custom desk legs sourced from Adam Sinclair Furniture’s “Andy” range, finished with a metallic powder coating.

Cabinets, Shelves, Display areas

One of the rooms at the ground floor that has been transformed into a functional home office, has a storage unit constructed against one of the side of wall for organising documents and providing a relaxing sitting area. A spacious timber desk measuring 2250mmX1000mm offers ample workspace for tasks and setting up of digital devices.

In one of the upstairs bedrooms transformed into a home office, a custom-made timber desk sized at 1400mmX800mm has been installed. For efficient utilisation of space, storage units have been incorporated into the roof angle area, with drawers replacing cabinets for easy accessibility.

The rumpus room served as the third office space. One side of the wall is lined with floor-to-ceiling cabinets/pantries, providing ample storage space for documents and files. Additionally, a new desk and storage cabinet complete the setup.

Apart from the office areas, various other functional spaces have been created. These include laundry wall-hung units, shoe cabinets in the garage, and display shelves and cabinets in the bedroom.

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Overall Outcome

The house has high ceilings, making it difficult to remove all the wallpaper. After stripping off the wallpaper, we performed full wall skimming followed by one undercoat and two topcoats of paint.

Mobile scaffolding was necessary for this job. Due to the unpredictable winter weather, we had to keep the schedule tight to allow for maximum drying time for the plaster and paint. As all the furniture was custom-made, we have to maintain efficient communication with the client regarding precise measurements, material and colour selection, to ensure everything was right from the beginning.

The task was quite challenging, but we managed to complete it on schedule and the client was really satisfied with the outcome.

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Home Renovation at Northpark

Project Overview

Our client is looking to get a home renovation completed within a dedicated timeline.

Other than renovating the main bathroom, ensuite and kitchen, the client wanted to have the carpet removed for the hallway, dining and living areas. Led by our project manager, Jimmy, our dedicated team of renovation specialists quickly got down to work. Our goal was to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

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Before The Renovation​

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The client’s ensuite was due for a refreshed look, exhibiting signs of wear and tear, especially evident on the vanity and shower.

For the main bathroom renovation, the client hoped to replace the drop-in bath with a freestanding one, aiming to create a more spacious feel.

A complete kitchen renovation for an uplifting look with increased storage.

Removal of carpet in the hallway, dining, and living areas for easy maintenance.

Taking into account of the client’s specific requirements, our renovation project was tailored to deliver a functional and visually appealing space that perfectly aligned with Greg’s needs and preferences.

After The Renovation

Overall look & feel

The renovated home exuded a refined elegance and timeless sophistication, achieved through meticulous attention to detail. Our design approach focused on striking a balance between practical and visually stunning.

Quickstep CREO Tennessee Oak Natural flooring which offers scratch free and waterproof surface boards is an excellent choice. The renovated living and dinner area looked brighter and more spacious.

Storage optimisation was a key consideration in the renovation, with carefully chosen elements not only offered ample storage solutions but also exuded an inviting and luxurious ambiance.


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Full Kitchen Renovation

We installed a 30mm thickness “sand white” engineer stone benchtop and the colour of the cabinet used is Bestwood Melamine arctic Ice Gloss. For the feature panel, we opted for Bestwood Melamine Vintage Ash timberland. Blanco Subline 500U Metallic grey is selected for the undermount sink.

Wall hung units and the open display shelves below the cabinets units are created to provide abundance storage. All the kitchen cabinet doors use Hafela soft close and the drawers use Blum soft runner.

A pull-out drawer under the breakfast bar is constructed for storing of dish plates. Another key feature under the breakfast bar is the wine storage shelves. This is a great example of fully utilising and maximising the storage space of an ‘U’ shaped  kitchen.

By thoughtfully creating the layout, usage of materials and appliances, we were able to seamlessly blend style, practicality, and luxury in the renovated home. 

Main Bathroom & Ensuite Renovations

Custom-made 1X1m pull-out door showers are installed in both the main bathroom and ensuite, maximising the available space for a more comfortable shower experience. 

In the ensuite, storage is provided by a 750mm freestanding vanity with a mirror cabinet, along with an additional side cabinet next to the shower for storage of towel and other necessities. 

Other than the shower, the main bathroom also featured the Lamone back-to-wall free standing bath and a 900mm wall-hung vanity with drawers.

Both bathrooms are equipped with towel bars alongside the vanities and shelves in the shower area for convenient storage of shampoo and other toiletries. 

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Kitchen/ Bathroom - Fixtures, Fittings, Appliances

Chrome-colored fittings are installed throughout all bathrooms and the kitchen. The Voda kitchen mixer features a pull-out spray function for added convenience. 

In the bathrooms, all tapware is sourced from the Code series, as supplied by the client.

Additionally, the overhead rain shower can be switched from a normal setting to a sliding shower, providing a more relaxing experience.

Tiles in both bathroom and kitchen supplied by Tile Depot, Floor and wall tile is Rakino Neve 6X6. Kitchen wall splash back tiles is Art stone pairs dark grey 3X6. 

Overall outcome

The culmination of the home renovation project has yielded an exceptional transformation, leaving the client satisfied with the outcome. 

A significant improvement lies in the augmented sense of spaciousness. The renovated house now exuded a greater sense of openness. This enhancement not only enhanced functionality but also fostered an airier and more welcoming environment.

Our dedicated team meticulously executed this project over the course of 6 weeks, ensuring the project was well underway as the clients have to seek temporary accommodation while the house was undergoing renovation. The renovated kitchen came with a 5-year warranty, offering the client peace of mind. Furthermore, our workmanship was backed by a comprehensive 1-year guarantee, while the waterproofing boasted an impressive 15-year warranty.

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Flatbush Home

Project Overview Our client built their lovely new house in Flat Bush and they reached out to Ideal Renovations to design the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces to complete their new dream home. Together with the team, we worked out our client needs. They wanted the kitchen to feel more spacious and be more practical […]

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The Gardens

Project Overview

Our clients had recently purchased a new property in South Auckland.

However, they needed to revamp the house before they moved in. This is why they reached out to us for a full interior renovation. We braced ourselves for the task ahead and had to come up with the best layout that suited our clients’ needs. Our clients wanted a space that fulfilled the home health regulations. This is how we transformed the plain old property into a ravishing modern home.

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Full kitchen renovation

What a better place to begin than where the heart of the home is! Our clients needed a new, modern, and spacious kitchen with unique accents. An open-plan kitchen would have fun and lively family gatherings.

After choosing the layout, we installed all soft close drawers and doors made with an attractive Melteca oak-colored board. They provided plenty of storage, ensuring the kitchen was clutter-free. We got rid of the old benchtop and installed a grey-colored 30mm thick stone benchtop. We completed the kitchen renovation with a breakfast bar and lavish Bosch appliances.

Flooring and accents

Our clients wanted to add personality to their homes with a sleek and attractive laminated floor. We also added a new carpet of their choice. As you can see, the bold and eye-catching patterns and colors offered a perfect blend of chic and classical appeal. Our clients wanted to evoke serenity and warmth with new LED downlights with a warm and attractive glow.

A full interior painting completely transformed their home, giving it a luxurious and elegant look. We installed new doors and handles accompanied by aluminium joinery to complete the look. Our clients were happy and couldn’t wait to move in.

You might be thinking about getting rid of your old-fashioned house and moving to a new modern one. Well, this might not be necessary. You can always opt to get a full home renovation to fully transform your home. If you require to spruce up your home, call us today!

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom had an old-fashioned, plain, and clinical outlook. We had to do something about those plain walls. We incorporated a full wall tile to brighten up the room. Installing a freestanding bath and a back-to-wall toilet seemed practical.

We also installed an LED mirror to illuminate the room and provide a warm and inviting feeling. A modern frameless shower seemed to be convenient since the shower doors would be easy to clean and maintain.

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