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Kitchen Renovations

Get the right KITCHEN renovation

The finest kitchens aren’t just for restaurants. Get the best kitchen renovation for your home.

Whether you’re a dedicated chef who loves cooking or you just enjoy an eating space to kick back in, your kitchen should be designed to make preparation and dining a breeze.

At Ideal Innovations, we’ve designed and installed countless kitchens for all kinds of clients. Our professionals have the right skills to transform eating areas and cooking equipment to create modern installations, whatever the budget.

Big & small kitchen renovations done your way

We’re proud to always create unique and characterful kitchens that match your home renovations idea and overall style. You’ll know what you want from your kitchen renovation ideas, and we’ll work to those specifications to design eating spaces that encourage both cooking and recreation.

Brought to you by the kitchen design specialists

We’re backed by over 10 years’ experience, creating exciting, dynamic and cost-effective kitchen spaces that suit the different needs and visions of a range of Auckland clients. We use only the latest methods to consistently provide excellence on every single kitchen renovation job.

Renovations that work for all needs and budgets

Our kitchen renovations are design to fit customer expectations across the board. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious kitchen or something a bit more manageable, we’ll design and build spaces that are optimized to balance aesthetic and practicality in one handy solution.



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Kitchen renovations should always be carried out with the most thorough attention to detail possible, to ensure your eating spaces are safe, social, clean and tasteful. At Ideal Renovations, we can deliver that attention to detail with kitchen renovations that go above and beyond.

Here’s what our experienceD team can help with

Kitchen removal

We can take out any older kitchen appliances and stylings, cleaning up for a fresh new start and renovations

Temporary wall removal

We can take down any temporary walls in your kitchen, leaving space for fresh renovations according to your vision


We can take out any older tiles and replace them with new tiling options of your own choice

Benchtop installation

We can install new benches and countertops to ensure your kitchen has the space you need for food prep

Splashback installation

We can install splashback fixtures to ensure that whatever you’re cooking, the cleanup will be quick and easy


Our plumbing contractors can put in the hard work and expertise to get your kitchen working at its best


Electrical proponents are a major part of the modern kitchen; we have the expertise to install your electric fixtures safely and tastefully

New appliance installation

If you’re looking to modernise your kitchen with new appliance, we’ve got the tools and skills to install all the latest appliances, according to your needs

Our kitchen renovation solutions

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Modern kitchen renovation

The modern kitchen is a thing of beauty, combining functionality with class to bring out a refreshing minimalist style that opens up your kitchen for you and your family. We can help you create your modern vision with kitchen renovations that work.

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Luxury kitchen renovation

Sometimes, you want just that little bit extra to something special to your kitchen. We can help renovate yours to a luxury standard, with plush countertops, hand-crafted storage fixtures and quality lighting to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

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Small kitchen renovation

Making a small kitchen look and feel much bigger is a fine art that we’ve got plenty of experience in. However little space you have for your kitchen, we can find new storage solutions and countertop fixtures that give you more room for food preparation, ingredient storage and social functions

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Terrace house kitchen renovation

Whatever the size of your space, we can help you create a kitchen that is modern and functional. Everything we do with our kitchen renovation is designed to add to the value of your home and maximise the space available for you to cook and maintain the kitchen with ease.


Initial Consultation

We'll sit down with you to run through your ideas and vision

Concept and Feasibility

We'll create a concept for you to approve and establish what is, and what isn't, possible.

Working drawings and Kitchen renovation costs

We'll come up with the project drawings and a costing plan for you to review


We'll bring in the right contractors to carry out construction in a way that causes minimal disruption

Project Completion

You'll get to enjoy a brand new, unique and characterful renovation that you can be proud of.

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What sets us apart

We go above & beyond for our clients with service that produces excellence every time.

Unique renovations for every client

Every single home renovations Auckland project we take on is treated with the respect and attention it deserves. No renovation is the same, crafted to be unique to each customer and every home.

Full service that gets results

We work with you right from get go to completion, covering everything along the way. We’ll design your renovations, manage the project, cover the approvals process and organize construction.

Experience that matters

We’ve got over 10 years’ experience, creating quality renovations that keep giving back long into their life span.

Craftmanship that lasts

Our work will always go the distance, keeping in good shape and ensuring quality that goes beyond completion for the long term.

Guarantees that stand

We offer a full peace of mind guarantee with every job so that if there’s anything that doesn’t work for you, we’ll get it fixed as part of the job at hand.

A transparent pricing system that works

We’re proud to provide clear pricing from start to finish, with no hidden costs and a fair trading contrac tot ensure you know exactly what you’ll pay.

Communications that fits

We know how important it is for you to have your ideas realised - that’s why we’ll keep an open line of communication for you from project start to finish.

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