A kitchen island is a splendid storage solution for limited-space modern kitchen designs in NZ

As the most dynamic area in your home that often serves as a socialising hub, your kitchen is likely to see a lot of activity. So, small modern kitchen designs in NZ have to work twice as hard to optimise functionality and traffic flow. Plus, they should focus on visual zoning to avert the eye from an irregular footprint with colours, clean lines and light.

Whether you want a coordinated feel or more personality and flair, going lighter is your best bet to create a space-expanding backdrop for focal points and surfaces. By distracting the eye from the corners and blurring perimeter lines, this ‘classic’ technique alters the visual perception of the room size and lends itself perfectly to modern kitchen designs in NZ.

A similar effect can be achieved by choosing furniture with curved edges. Here are some innovative options that can soften the look, eliminate angles and end up with a less bulky design.

workspace and a dining area


Multi-functional furniture for modern kitchen designs in NZ

When working with limited space, you can optimise its efficiency by choosing custom-built pieces that can multitask. For instance, a kitchen island can triple up as a table, storage unit and extra worktop – or even a room divider. Can you believe it?

Other innovative furniture solutions for modern kitchen designs in NZ that save floor space include:

  • Wall-mounted folding table or breakfast bar
  • Pull-out table (slides into a drawer compartment or cabinet)
  • Slide-out cutting board or worktop for food prep
  • Nesting tables that can be grouped or used separately
  • Extendable table for seating more people when needed

 modern kitchen design a

Lucite and acrylic furniture for a breezy look

For a lightweight feel paired with durability and easy maintenance, you can opt for acrylic tops, legs, supports or custom-made lucite furniture. Their functionality will take your modern kitchen design in NZ to the next level.

With light passing through, acrylic pieces and whatever rests on their top seem to be floating mid-air to maximise open floor space. Besides, you are not limited to crystal-clear designs – they can feature some colour and be moulded to any shape, functioning as a stylish and more resistant alternative to glass.

modern kitchen design a

Storage, mobility and accessibility

Maximising storage is probably the most overused phrase with modern kitchen designs in NZ. While it’s a nice thing to have in the tiniest dining room, adding more storage at the expense of mobility and flow isn’t a good solution. That’s why the most innovative kitchen renovations space out essential elements and fixtures so they are easily accessible and won’t stick out too much.

modern kitchen design c

Upgrading a small space means you will likely have to keep storage at a higher or lower level than what you find comfortable. That’s why slide-out cabinet and pantry organisers are the epitome of convenience when looking for the most efficient modern kitchen designs in NZ. They will keep all your cookware and utensils streamlined, accessible and nice-looking – without straining your back or having to dig around.

Have you tried other innovative solutions for your home? Share them with us to exchange ideas for the good of NZ homeowners!

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