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Bathroom Renovations

Get the right BATHROOM renovation

When renovating your bathroom, comfort and style is our highest priority. We guide you through the entire bathroom renovation process.

At Ideal Renovations, we provide personalized and tailored bathroom renovations, designing comfort spaces that encourage wellbeing and tranquility, while also being functional at every level.

Bathroom renovations to fit all budgets and needs

Everyone has different expectations of their bathroom. Some prefer function, others prefer design. With Ideal Renovations, you’ll get both, with everything tailored to your specifications. From electrics to waterproofing, tiling to plumbing, we’ve got everything your renovation needs.

Experienced and friendly experts for the job

For bathroom renovations, Auckland and beyond, we’ve brought together a talented teams of industry professionals who can deliver bathrooms on time, on budget and designed with longevity in mind. It’s all controlled via our own project management system for your satisfaction.

A communication process focused on you

We know how important it is to keep you in the loop with your bathroom renovation ideas. With that in mind, we’ll provide regular updates to you throughout the project. We’re dedicated to ensuring you feel confident in our work and our expertise for a smoother renovation process.

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Bathrooms need to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality – that’s why you should always turn to the professionals when it’s time to renovate, so that you get the bathroom you want and deserve.

Here’s what our experienceD team can help with


Bathroom design and blueprinting for new installations


Removing older fixtures and installations


Woodworking services for wooden bathroom fixtures


Carrying out key waterproofing work to keep your bathroom dry

Painting & Tiling

Reworking your bathroom with waterproof painting and wall and floor tiling


Creating drainage systems to help manage excess water in your bathroom


Connecting up your plumbing to ensure your bathroom fixtures work as intended


Managing electrical installations in your bathroom safely and discreetly


Installing extractor fans and ventilation systems to keep your bathroom fresh


Installing radiators and heaters to help keep your bathroom warm when needed


Adding a new bathroom to your home, according to your specifications

Rubbish Removal

Responsibly removing and disposing of rubbish from your bathroom

Cleaning (Upon Completion)

Post-installation clean-up for a fresh, new ready-to-go bathroom

Our Bathroom renovation solutions

modern bathroom renovation

Modern bathroom renovation

If you want to update your bathroom to modern day amenities and stylings, you’ll want it done right. Using our detailed understanding of the latest trends, we can help install the latest appliances and renovations, such as flat-panel doors, accent pieces, minimalist stylings and more.

small bathroom renovation

Small bathroom renovation

In the right hands, renovations for small bathrooms can help those rooms look spacious and well-appointed. We’ve got the necessary skills to pull of any renovation for any bathroom size, to maximise style and practicality.

rustic bathroom renovation

Rustic bathroom renovation

For a bathroom renovation straight out of the quaint traditions of yesteryear, rustic renovations are just the thing. Timber fittings, stone floors, brick facades and more, combined with vintage appliance can give a character like no other – all available from Ideal Renovations.

contemporary bathroom renovation

Contemporary bathroom renovation

Contemporary bathroom renovations bring today’s sensibilities to your bathroom, keeping things fresh with elements like modern fixtures, repurposed materials and refined minimalist accenting. We’ve got an excellent track record of delivering contemporary bathroom renovations that deliver.

classic bathroom renovation

Classic bathroom renovation

Sometimes, you want to keep the classic touches in your bathroom, lending a traditional and vintage look that includes things like raised-panel doors, luxury countertops (such as marble), along with decorative mouldings and corbels. Whatever your vision for a traditional bathroom, we can help!

cottage bathroom renovation

Cottage bathroom renovation

Cottage bathrooms, when done right are a refreshing addition to any home – matching traditional styling with smaller spaces for plenty of character. If you’re looking to add a cottage-style renovation to your bathroom, turn to Ideal Renovation for an expert service.


Initial Consultation

We'll sit down with you to run through your ideas and vision

Concept and Feasibility

We'll create a concept for you to approve and establish what is, and what isn't, possible.

Working Drawings and Bathroom Renovation Cost

We'll come up with the project drawings and a costing plan for you to review


We'll bring in the right contractors to carry out construction in a way that causes minimal disruption

Project Completion

You'll get to enjoy a brand new, unique and characterful renovation that you can be proud of.


What sets us apart

We go above & beyond for our clients with service that produces excellence every time.

Unique renovations for every client

Every single home renovations Auckland project we take on is treated with the respect and attention it deserves. No renovation is the same, crafted to be unique to each customer and every home.

Full service that gets results

We work with you right from get go to completion, covering everything along the way. We’ll design your renovations, manage the project, cover the approvals process and organize construction.

Experience that matters

We’ve got over 10 years’ experience, creating quality renovations that keep giving back long into their life span.

Craftmanship that lasts

Our work will always go the distance, keeping in good shape and ensuring quality that goes beyond completion for the long term.

Guarantees that stand

We offer a full peace of mind guarantee with every job so that if there’s anything that doesn’t work for you, we’ll get it fixed as part of the job at hand.

A transparent pricing system that works

We’re proud to provide clear pricing from start to finish, with no hidden costs and a fair trading contrac tot ensure you know exactly what you’ll pay.

Communications that fits

We know how important it is for you to have your ideas realised - that’s why we’ll keep an open line of communication for you from project start to finish.

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