Stunning bathroom plan design that adds value to the entire home

Creating an aesthetically pleasing design when sprucing up a bathroom is daunting. However, doing it right can significantly increase any home’s value and emphasise its best features. These 5 bathroom layout ideas for NZ properties can easily add aesthetics and functionality to your space, turning it into a practical and elegant spot.

Open bathroom plan design

Open-plan spaces never go out of vogue, and it’s not hard to see why. The open concept blurs the traditional boundaries between the bedroom and bathroom, forming a seamless shift between the two areas. This layout is trendy among forward-looking homeowners who relish clear-cut lines and follow flossy NZ bathroom plans.

The centrally located bath is inspiring, as a freestanding unit can blend beautifully with the rest of the room. Besides, open-space bathroom layout ideas use a simple and muted colour scheme or incorporate warm tones of natural materials like:

  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Marble

This concept is especially relevant for those who are into eco-design.

Bathroom layouts

Symmetrical concept for couples

This is worth considering if you’re looking for the perfect solution for couples who share their personal space. This bathroom layout in New Zealand features duplicate elements, including:

  • Two separate sinks
  • Personal dressing tables
  • Separate shower cabins
  • Toilet areas

The key is to plan your renovation with symmetry in mind, striking a balance between your essentials and your significant other’s. It’s best to opt for a colour palette that matches both partners. Add personalised touches or decorative accents to make the space look unmatched.


Spa bliss

Creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere is easy if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom. A spa-modelled room typically includes several elements:

  • A cabin with multiple shower heads
  • Storage space for clean towels and bathrobes
  • Free-hanging shelves to hold oils and scented candles

Soft and relaxing lighting is essential. You can also get a moisture-resistant sound system to enhance the overall ambience.

Family-friendly space

This layout has an uncommonly down-to-earth appeal. It involves installing multiple sinks and at least one vanity to store each family member’s shower supplies. The shared family bathroom pairs well with neutral tones and bright accents to create a space for everyone.

Compact bathroom layout for NZ spaces

Small bathrooms shouldn’t be underestimated, especially in apartments or tiny houses. There’s no reason you can’t set up a personalised and utilitarian bathroom when facing space issues. The key is to choose plumbing and other elements with compact dimensions and add large mirrors or other reflective surfaces to craft a deception of more space.

Doing it with renovation professionals

If you want your bathroom layout to fully reflect who you are, entrust it to true experts. Picking a style is just half the battle. Properly sized installations, moisture-resistant materials and decor make up the remaining scope of the project and are crucial to achieving a practical and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Let Ideal Renovations turn your bathroom plan design into a showpiece. We can cover all your preferences and handle pre-design blueprints and installation.

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